Şerban Ghiţă


My name is Şerban and I'm a passionate guitar player and software developer from Romania. My programming skills encompass PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and everything in between. I'm an adept of clean code culture and continuous development methodologies with an emphasis on balancing code quality with business value.


Code Quality Workshop - Unit Tests (2015) Part #1 (Romanian). See slides.
Code Quality Workshop - Unit Tests (2015) Part #2 (Romanian).
HTML5 multi-player games with JavaScript (2014) (Romanian). Alternative camera angle video. See slides.
Responsive Websites Workshop (2014) (Romanian). See slides and code
HTML5 Workshop (2013) (Romanian). See slides and source


Working on open-source projects like Mobile Detect and others.
Playing and building guitars and learning produce a record.


In 2005 I managed a small web design department, launching a tourism CMS solution.
In 2006 I started a second startup which was a B2C/B2B eCommerce store which is still active today while working on the company's internal ERP.
Since 2002 I used to build eCommerce websites for various customers.
In 2003 I started my first startup, a hosting company which somehow still exists today although I'm no longer affiliated with it.


At the start of 2000's I was already working with customers in the local Internet Cafe, working on their website or my pet projects with Drupal, PHP-Nuke and some other oddities.