Install Windows XP on Asus Eee PC

Guide on how to install Windows on Asus Eee PC, how to upgrade and tweak it and play games


  1. Introduction
  2. What do you need
  3. Creating a bootable USB stick (or hdd)
  4. Installing Windows XP from the USB stick
  5. Installing ASUS Eee PC drivers
  6. ASUS Eee PC Tips and Tricks (hardware & software)
  7. Article references

1. Introduction

In December 2008 i bought online with my credit card (thanks to ePayment) four Asus Eee PCs 4G Surf (two white and two black models) from PCfun. I liked the white ones better so i kept one for myself and the rest i gave them to the family members. Being my first gadget, i was and i’m still very excited about its features. All models come with a friendly linux distro from which you can connect to the Internet very fast. When i got my Eee PC out of the box it took me about 1 to 2 minutes at most to connect to a free wireless network and surf the net. Sweet! I downloaded an MP3 and listened to it just to check the sound and the incorporated speakers from the LCD panel.

I like Linux, but running it as a desktop has no use to me, so i quickly decided to install Windows XP. Let’s see how i did it.

PS: most of the tips here might also work with any other desktop or notebook as well.

2. What do you need

  • your desktop computer (this is NOT your ASUS Eee PC)
  • one image or a cd with Windows XP
  • a stick (1Gb is fine) or a USB hdd - make sure you don’t have partitions on it or you may loose them in the process
  • USB Multiboot software (choose one of the following download locations: CD Forum download, BootLand download, Siginet download)
  • your ASUS Eee PC later

3. Creating a bootable USB stick or USB hdd

If you are in hurry or know what you are doing but forgot some steps, check out this great video tutorial (go to 02:45 min to skip the chit-chat):

  • Extract USB Multiboot and browse USB_MultiBoot_10/ folder and then run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd
  • Press any key
  • Type H and press ENTER
  • HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool screen will appear. If this does not find your USB device you can format it manually from Windows and press ‘Close’ or you can go back and try option P. Check ‘Quick format’ and press ‘Start’
  • In the multiple option screen press 0 and hit enter to toggle between USB Stick and USB harddisk. This is very important because the Windows XP will not install proper if you have a USB harddisk like this one. The ‘USB Stick’ medium is selected by default.
  • Type 1 and press ENTER and then select the Windows XP source (this is the CD or a path on the HDD where your have your XP installation files)
  • If you get a message about ‘winnt.sif’ press ‘YES’
  • in the 'Unattended Install' screen fill the fields with values (also with your serial). If you fill the fields now you will not need to complete them later in the Windows XP installation screen. When you’re done press ‘Cancel (no changes)’
  • Type 2 and press ENTER and select your USB device
  • Type 3 and press ENTER, you will see some files copying on the USB drive. During this you might be asked ‘Copy XP and extra sources on the USB?’ and press ‘Yes’. Now wait couple of minutes (this depends on your system and USB drive speed). You will also get the message ‘FileCopy to USB-Drive is Ready - OK - Success’ and press YES (Make USB-stick in XP Setup to be Preferred Boot Drive U:)
  • All done just press any key

4. Installing Windows XP from the USB stick

  • Connect the USB drive to your ASUS Eee PC
  • Start your netbook and in the first screen press F2 to enter BIOS.
  • In the BIOS screen go to ‘Advanced’ tab and change ‘OS Installation’ to ‘Start’.
  • Next in the ‘Boot’ tab under ‘Hard Disk Drives’ select the USB drive as the 1st Drive
  • Also in the ‘Boot’ tab but under ‘Boot Device Priority’ section you should see the USB drive as the 1st Boot Device
  • 'Exit & Save Changes' made in the BIOS.

The netbook will reboot. You wait couple of seconds and see the following screen:

1. Begin TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, Never unplug USB Drive Until Logon
2. and 3. Continue with GUI Mode Setup Windows XP + Start XP from HD 1
4. Start GRUB4DOS Menu - DOS FPY IMAGES + Linux + XP Rec Cons + VISTA Attended Setup XP, Never unplug USB Drive Until After Logon

You will select 1 and press ENTER. This will start the standard Windows XP setup install (format quick NTFS, create partitions etc). After the setup finished to copy all the files needed it will reboot. Now select 2 and 3 (it’s a single tab option). This will continue your installation (the classic graphical Windows install). This might take 20 to 40 minutes. When this is done the netbook will reboot (DO NOT UNPLUG THE USB DEVICE YET!), select the 4th option then the last ‘Start/Boot Windows XP from HDD’.

5. Installing ASUS Eee PC drivers

Now you are logged in in Windows XP but you can’t do anything because you need the Asus EEPC drivers which can be found on your CD that is shipped with your Asus package. If you don’t have the CD then download the drivers from the following locations: , . You will need to unrar the archive and copy it to the stick (create a folder like asuseeepc_drivers/). This folder will contain the following subfolders: ACPI, Audio, Chipset, LAN, Touchpad, vga, Wireless. I suggest you first install the ACPI and Chipset drivers and then the rest. Try to locate the .exe that triggers the installation to start.

6. ASUS Eee PC Tips and Tricks

a. Hardware

There is a big difference between the white and the black models of ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf. The black model Eee PC 4G SURF (4GS-PK008) has a hatch (turn it upside down and you will see it) that allows you to comfortable change the RAM. The white model Eee PC 4G SURF (4GS-W010) lacks of this ability and you will have to disassemble the netbook to upgrade it.

My ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf came with 512Mb of RAM memory and i’ve succesfuly upgraded it to 2Gb. If you want to upgrade it follow this nice video tutorial.

My ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf came with a solid state HDD with the capacity of 4Gb (this is the internal harddisk). After you install Windows XP you will have around 3 to 2.5 GB left. You can use an external USB drive as a secondary partition and install software, play games, etc. It has to be an USB device with resonable access speed.

If you find browsing with the Touch Pad hard, then i may suggest you go buy the following Microsoft Optical Mouse 500 which i tested and it’s tiny, it also has a short cable.

b. Software

I recommend using Windows XP on the ASUS Eee PC with the following settings: System Restore OFF, System Properties -> Advanced tab -> Performance -> Settings -> Visual Effects set to ‘Adjust for best performance’, here also on the Advanced tab -> Virtual memory change 128 Mb and maximum 256 Mb if you HAD a memory upgrade on the netbook!

Go to Start -> Cmd and in the command prompt type sfc.exe /purgecache. This command does magic, i had 780 mb free space, and after this command i had about 1Gb.

To save space go to C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386 and delete all the files. You can do the same with the files and folders from C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations when you’re done installing software on your Asus Eee PC. Eg. If you install Dreamweaver 8 you will probabil find there a folder called Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 with the main .exe installer and some other files.

Make sure you disabled the system restore from My Computer -> System Restore tab

If you ever install a SHDC card on your netbook i adivse you to format it to NTFS. By default they come in FAT format. It’s simple, and you cand do it on the fly without loosing data that is already written on the card: Go to Command Prompt and insert convert E: /fs:ntfs . Replace E: with the letter drive of your card. It can take up to a minute, depending on the card speed.

I was able to run Heroes3 Complete series directly from an external USB device. In the game you will have a small scroll on the bottom of the screen but that will not bother your on this kind of static games. I also played this game wireless with other ASUS Eee PC (now that’s a dream come true!)

I was able to run Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (download here) being installed on C: and running the .vhd (663Mb) and .vmc (12kb) directly from stick. I installed Windows 98SE, mounted Hopkins FBI game and succesfully played it.

I have succesfuly played Starcraft BroodWar on my ASUS Eee PC. I ran it directly from an attached USB stick, also played on BattleNet dozens of games. If already bought Starcraft but want a light version, download this one (100mb) from

When you are watching movies on Youtube with Firefox it is recommended to go in Full-Screen mode by pressing F11 or go to ‘View’ -> ‘Full Screen’

If you want to read Word, Excel or Powerpoint files on your Asus Eee PC, download the following free applications from Microsoft’s site: Microsoft Word Viewer 2003, Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003. Note that you can only read, not write! For that you need the Microsoft Office CD or iso.

c. General

Never lift the Eee PC by the display panel

Fully charge the battery before first use and whenever it is depleted to prolong battery life. Be aware that it takes much longer to charge the battery when the Eee PC is in use.

On the lower right of your Eee PC keyboard you will see four LED indicators: Power indicator, Battery Charge Indicator, Solid State Disk (SSD) indicator and Wireless indicator. When the Battery Charge Indicator blinks that means that the battery is less than 10% and AC power is not connected.

It is actually not recommended to use your Eee PC on soft surfaces as beds or sofas because it blocks the vents and the bottom of the netbook can get hot. For example if you let it in your bed and you are watching a movie, you might hear a little noise of fans increasing the speed of ventilation - this is normal.

If you want to use you Eee PC with a projector you can use the 15-pin D-sub monitor port, located on the right side, which supports standard VGA devices.

Your Eee Pc has three USB 2.0 slots and 1 memory card slot. This will allow you to attach removable devices such:

  • USB mouse
  • USB external optical disk drive
  • USB external hard disk drive
  • USB flash memory disk
  • MMC (Multimedia Card)
  • MMC Plus
  • RS-MMC (Reduced Size) (with MMC adapter)
  • SD (Secure Digital)
  • MiniSD (with SD adapter)
  • microSD
  • SD adapter


  1. Install XP from USB post on BootLand
  2. Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One)
  3. Asus Eee PC 4GB RAM Installation
  4. - nLite Windows XP Install on Asus Eee PC

All comments wrote on my previous blog

Jack95 wrote on [11 January 2009]
This works great! Thanks for the tutorial!!

RJ Nerfe Salo Inot wrote on [21 April 2012]
Yeah its great!!

Max wrote on [15 January 2009]
hi, everery thing worked as i hoped, until the installation on my eee pc.
when i enter txt mode it should copy all files but then it says:
setup cannot copy file: difault.dif
i could press exit to skip it, but it doesn't work, since some time later i get the pop-up only with another file.
would you know the cause of this problem?
by the way: i used windows service pack 3 ultimate.
and i have a eee pc 900 (black)
please respond.

serban.ghita wrote on [16 January 2009]
@Max - what is the size of your USB device? Is it a USB stick or a USB hdd?
Did you formated the drive as NTFS? I would also suggest on using a Windows SP2 cd or iso and then update it online.

Ramin wrote on [28 January 2009]
I've tried to instal windows xp sp2 on my asus eee pc 900(white), but the installation keeps getting an error about an missing or corrupt hal.dll file in windowsrootmap/system32.
I've followed each step precicly as described, and even tried to manually copy the hal.dll. no succes either.
please help

Josh wrote on [28 January 2009]
If you get hal.dll error after installing Windows XP then check comment #14 on

Steve Gruenwald wrote on [07 November 2009]
Please ignore my previous comment.  Somehow I did not realize that the "comment #14" Josh referred to meant that I should have deleted *all* the partitions Asus set up, including the one they labeled "BIOS."  That was indeed the problem.

SteveG-23 wrote on [07 November 2009]
I have the same problem as Ramin.  I had sent my 8G in for repairs and they reimaged it in Linux, so I tried following all the above instructions, including copying the files from the same slipstreamed WinXP-SP3 CD I had used first time around.  When I get to "Now select 2 and 3 (it's a single tab option)" I get the error that "\system32\hal.dll" is missing or corrupt.  I tried re-copying it to that location on the USB stick but no change.  What of I do now?

carina wrote on [29 May 2009]
Very useful and detailed. Thanks very much!

KrisBelucci wrote on [03 June 2009]
Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.

AndrewBoldman wrote on [05 June 2009]
Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

Ricky wrote on [06 June 2009]
tuturial is great and i have installed xp successfully but it asks for a password at the startup under a guest
i would appriciate any help thnx

hayley wrote on [17 June 2009]
Hey my computer keeps saying NTLDR is missing press any key to restart but it wont restart ?? please help any ideas?

Dblduce wrote on [19 June 2009]
I was having this same issue.  After having the PC for 1 day, it went into sleep mode, and when I tried to restart it, it kept giving me the "hal.dll" error.  For the last 6 days I've been trying every google remedy for this, from running the restore dvd to creating a bootable usb drive, but to no avail.  I FINALLY figured out what to do to fix it!  Maybe this will work for you...
1.  Just deleting the partitions isnt enough.  There seems to be something else missing that isnt displayed when trying to delete them.  
2.  I had an Acronis Disk Image boot CD that I tried in my external drive.  There is a drive cleaner/partition remover on it, and I tried running that.  It took about 20 minutes to completely run on both ssd drives, but after it was done, I reran the restore dvd, and everything works flawlessly now!
Its as good as the day I got it!!  Hope this tip helps someone else out.

Ender wrote on [22 June 2009]
had xp media center installed on an Eee PC 4g surf for a while now and itruns smooth after some initial tweeking. the problem that I am having is thatto date, i have never been able to get thesound drivers to work.  I tried installing them from the dic, via a usb cd/dvd rom.  tried installingvia a usb memory stick, and tried downloading from various sites.
Everything seems to install fine, but the drivers never seem to work, and in control panel, it tells me that there is no installed sound device.  I can't get anything out of the speakers or headphone jack.

Filip Mihai Valentin wrote on [26 August 2009]
Very good. Thank you.

coolchilli wrote on [09 August 2009]
very good post. The ASUS user manual came with instructions for installing XP from a disk but not from a USB flash drive. Thanks for taking time and also for the links to all the drivers and usb flash utility. I used a 4gig data traveller with no problems. Also upgraded the RAM by opening up my white EEE pc as per the youtube video link, although the plastic tabs were a pain to unsnap. I used a large needle, did it very gently but still managed to snap one plastic tab. Anyhoo, everything works great, upgraded to 1 gig RAM and win xp sp2. service pack 3 didn't install due to lack of disk space. I'll try installing it from a usb stick again. Thanks once again for the great post.

Ema wrote on [05 September 2009]
acuma am instalat si eu xp pe un asus eeepc 900 si merge de tuna ii foarte tare thanks a lot for you post! you are great

Marius wrote on [12 August 2009]
Am instalat si eu xp-ul pe un assus eeepc 900ha si a mers ca uns.Am instalat si SP3 pe el si nu am avut probleme deloc. MULTUMIRILE DE RIGOARE pentru tutorial si pentru video.
Si acum pentru baietii destepti.....Thanks a lot!    This works great! Thanks for the tutorial and for all   :-)  !!

ntb wrote on [09 September 2009]
can you put windows xp on my asus eee pc 4GB. for me i will bring ti to you send me a  email to tell me ware and i will met you. i cod not do it my self can you help me pleeeeease

Vlad wrote on [28 February 2009]
Done and done, excellent guide!

Sorin wrote on [12 April 2009]
Excellent. Thanks a lot.

Tashi wrote on [24 April 2009]
Thanks a lot! It took 4 hours (usb is super slow) butI got it up and running no problem. The wife (it was a gift for her) is especially happy she was not feeling that Xandros distro.

Diana wrote on [22 May 2009]
hey great manuak yiu just saved me lots of money, I followed it up ... hey .. I di this but at the end f the day I've realized that the netbook comes with a DVa that migh fix this recurrent issue.
My feedvack is : please tell the peope that if they have te dvd would be eaier.

technophobe =] wrote on [04 May 2009]
hi... pleeeeease can someone offer any help please... I recently had windows xp installed on my sons eee 701, and now I have no space left on drive C for anything.  I've got an 8GB SDHC, and also plugged a 16GB usb flash drive in, and though I moved a few files over onto those it still hasnt helped the lack of space problem... I may be missing something really obvious here, but I admit to being totally clueless with computers.  I cant download certain programmes, cant install windows updates, and its driving me mad.  I had windows xp installed by someone who claimed to know what they were doing, and now I'm regretting it big time... how easy is it to reinstall the linux OS, or is there a clear and simple solution staring me in the face that I just havent thought of?  Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated... big thanks in advance! =]

John wrote on [03 February 2010]
Hi Could anyone help I have the 4g Surf pink (701).
I tried to install from usb and it failed so I then tried via cd using my usb Dvd drive.
It installs windows restarts i go to bios put to finish save and exit it then starts to boot and I get cannot find Ntdlr.
Any help I would appreciate.
Thank you

NMK wrote on [01 February 2010]
Great tutorial!!   Thx.

Steven wrote on [07 February 2009]
Great tutorial thanks!,
Could someone help me?
i installed Xp and everything, but i dont know how to connect it to my wireless network..

lillady wrote on [27 December 2009]
My 1.3 mega pixels camera is not regestering to the computer -it can not be found in "scanners and cameras". How do I reinstall it?

a.t.n wrote on [26 January 2010]
It's working!   I succeded to install xp from a flash drive to eeepc 1005ha, n280 with hyperthreading.
After windows installation, update all drivers from the cd i received when i purchased the notebook. everything is working fine.
I even installed windows 7 on it and it's also worked perfectly.
The only thing is I have a menu when I opened the notebook with 2 choices :
Start XP or repair it from usb, how do I remove that menu ?
thanks for your help!

gurutwo wrote on [22 July 2011]
1. Start in Win XP
2. Browse to C:\boot.ini -> Double click Boot.ini
3. File -> Save as Boot.ini.old -> Close Boot.ini.old (Just in case!)
4. Double Click Boot.ini again
5. delete entire line which says "USB Repair Not..."
6. File -> Save
7. Reboot

theEGG wrote on [22 January 2010]
this is what im looking for!!!! more power to you men!
i bought my asus eeepc 4g surf w/ xp on it so i did not experienced linux..
my netbook had a virus so i reformated it.. after the reformat my screen wont fit the lcd panel.. you can only see 3/4 parts so you have to scroll down the mouse to see the other 1/4.. any tips on how to solve this kind of problem? btw after the reformat the netbook was acting crazyl.. 1 more thing the (FN)+f1 to f12 etc does not work after the reformat.. strange too..

Guest wrote on [04 August 2010]
I have an eee pc runing linux, some programs I want to use will not run on llinux, I would like to reformat will a 4g solid state drive be big enough to take xp

serban.ghita wrote on [04 August 2010]
Not really. Try or search Google for 'Windows XP USB flash edition'.

Guest wrote on [19 August 2010]
I am tryng to reinstall with USB Multiboot, and am ready to do so - but I cannot find the OS Installation option in my Asus Eeepc  (1001HHA) BIOS Advanced section.
The only options displayed are:
IDE Configuraton
Onboard Devices Configuration
CPU Configuraton
Please H E L P!!!!!!!!!!

serban.ghita wrote on [19 August 2010]
I don't think that is needed on 1001HHA. You just have the USB prepared with Windows, find in BIOS -> Boot devices, put USB on 1st place. Reboot, and install.
I am guessing you are now on the 'Advanced' tab. You need to go to 'Boot'. Don't forget to save the settings.

Ray Roughmoose wrote on [22 August 2010]
Top instructions. Everything was easy to follow and worked first time.

Guest wrote on [01 September 2010]
I'm Stuck! I'm in that step where everything is supposed to be installing. "installing windows" is half way through and now I have this pop up windows saying "files needed" : some files on Windows XP Professional CD2 are need.
Insert Windows XP Professional CD2 into the drive selected below, and the click ok
Ofcourse is a a netbook, what do I do know, what are the files that I need to save on a new flash drive?

serban.ghita wrote on [01 September 2010]
Have you created your bootable USB following the steps described at: '3. Creating a bootable USB stick or USB hdd'. If yes i would recommend you to download a Win XP PRO .iso file from torrent, and not install one that requires multiple CDs.

Yauner wrote on [24 September 2010]
YOU ROOOOOOCK MEEEN !perfect !!win xp!!

Yauner wrote on [24 September 2010]
Thanks for this great tutorial men..i really enjoyed it and felt like making my pc useable!i have only one little problem.everything works fine but usb 2.0 drivers are not installed even after alla the drivers i there something special to do about it??

Guest wrote on [20 October 2010]
Salut...Frate tutorialul este de nota 10 dar am o problema,dupa ce selectez 1 de la punctul 4 imi arata ca setup is starting windows....dar ramane asa...practic se blocheaza.

Guest wrote on [21 October 2010]
whoosha...just the JOB

Guest wrote on [30 October 2010]
however I format my usb stick in command prompt say me that stick is not volid fat,fa32 or ntfs and he do not recognized.How I format this?? Thanks

serban.ghita wrote on [01 November 2010]
What model do you have?
Try this from the command line
CONVERT E: /FS:NTFS - with E: being your USB drive

Guest wrote on [25 February 2012]
When i typed it it said it already was ntfs but in the app it still gave me the error

Guest wrote on [02 November 2010]
the PetoUSB didn't recognize my Flash Disk..
it always says.."NO USB DISK FOUND!"
wat should i do?..

Guest wrote on [23 January 2011]
try to select usb hard disk instead of usb stick that wil do

Guest wrote on [02 November 2010]
the PetoUSB didn't recognize my Flash Disk..
it always says.."NO USB DISK FOUND!"
wat should i do?..

QUADRANT wrote on [07 November 2010]
Hi dude use winflash to make your usb pendrive xp installer. Ive used this program to make both a SD card and also a flash pen drive xp installer its very easy to use too. Hope this helps you regards Richard Quadrant

Guest wrote on [23 May 2011]
run PetoUSB as administrator.

Jonathan wrote on [25 November 2010]
Thank you very much. Very comprehensive and concise instructions. Progressing through the install now.

guest wrote on [20 December 2010]
i really want to install windows xp from my linux cz i dont like it i aint got hardly anything to be honest just the laptop and i just dont know what to do so would u send a email to me so i know u got this message

Tom wrote on [28 December 2010]
When I try to boot with the USB I see this:
"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\hal.dll
Any idea what I did wrong? I created the USB image as per problems.

Guest wrote on [21 January 2011]
In Bios check that your device order is USB-SSD-Others. And boot order has to be USB-xxx-xxx.
I had a SD-memory in the slot and it caused problems with installation (it was second device after USB-stick before I moved it to the last).
Also like in other threats they say: at the begining of installation, delete ALL partitions from SSD.
Remember to start the 2And3 GUI installation after TXT-version is finished.

Guest wrote on [23 January 2011]
same problem here

Guest wrote on [29 December 2010]
When I run the multiboot it tells me a file is missing and when I hit any key it closes that's it.

Igor wrote on [09 January 2011]
Thanks for the video. It helped me a lot.

Guest wrote on [10 January 2011]
when i'm on the copying files, it will took me almost 10 mins every percent, why is that it is so slow. my eeepc is asus 701. Thanks in Advance

GuestNick wrote on [23 January 2011]
I followed your instructions but am unable to get the machine to boot from the usb drive. 
All help appreciated

Guest wrote on [08 February 2011]
You just made my day! You are my hero! I've been looking for these instructions for the past two years. Thanks a lot!

Guest wrote on [06 March 2011]
Successfully installed XP Pro from original source disc - easy though it took quite a while, but worked perfectly.  Xandros was OK but a pain if one had to install anything extra & virtually no printer support.  XP may have its limits but it makes the '900 into a really great little machine !

Guest wrote on [29 March 2011]
Hi, I have a eeePC 4G that I really want to install XP.  Having trouble doing this.  When I try to boot from the USB stick, I only get a black screen with blinking cursor.  nothing else happens.  I changed the BIOS to start OS installation and the boot sequence and priority to the USB drive.  I would appeciate any help you could provide.

mWENDE wrote on [05 April 2011]
Extract USB Multiboot and browse USB_MultiBoot_10/ folder and then run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd   CHECK+ok
Press any key CHECK+ok
Type H and press ENTER CHECK+ok
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool screen will appear. If this does not find your USB device you can format it manually from Windows and press 'Close' or you can go back and try option P. Check 'Quick format' and press 'Start'  CHECK+ok
In the multiple option screen press 0 and hit enter to toggle between USB Stick and USB harddisk. This is very important because the Windows XP will not install proper if you have a USB harddisk like this one. The 'USB Stick' medium is selected by default.  CHECK+ok
Type 1 and press ENTER and then select the Windows XP source (this is the CD or a path on the HDD where your have your XP installation files)  CHECK+ok
If you get a message about 'winnt.sif' press 'YES'
in the 'Unattended Install' screen fill the fields with values (also with your serial). If you fill the fields now you will not need to complete them later in the Windows XP installation screen. When you're done press 'Cancel (no changes)'  CHECK+ok
Type 2 and press ENTER and select your USB device  CHECK+ok
Type 3 and press ENTER,  error !!!!
It says there is no NTFS  nor  FAT 32  and I did the above correct. Than I also formatted NTFS straight from windows. Same error keeps coming
you will see some files copying on the USB drive. During this you might be asked 'Copy XP and extra sources on the USB?' and press 'Yes'. Now wait couple of minutes (this depends on your system and USB drive speed). You will also get the message 'FileCopy to USB-Drive is Ready - OK - Success' and press YES (Make USB-stick in XP Setup to be Preferred Boot Drive U:)
All done just press any key

Toby wrote on [28 May 2011]
done everything step by step making bootable usb 4gb drive and win xp home.  it starts copying files to the eeepc and half way through i get a check for disk space error, check for hardware bios updates *** stop bunch of hex numbers and below that a pci.sys addresws hex numbers.  it does not give me the option to format or partition before copying files so my guess is that the SSD is full.  how can i format manually before OS instalation.

Guest wrote on [27 August 2011]
did you find any solution. i have the same problem.

Jody Prunier wrote on [27 June 2011]
Please help....I have the Asus Eee pc seashell series and can't figure out how to turn off numbers on keyboard letter keys? J is 1 when I try to type! I've tried the number lk key and it doesn't work! Also tried caps lock! ???

Guest wrote on [02 July 2011]
can i just say, ive been trying to do this for approx 7 weeks now and failed humptine times, today i came across this, you are the man! perfect and if you was here now i would give you a big sloppy kiss, thanks very much xx

Guest wrote on [07 August 2011]
Heya... im gettin stuck at the part where im supposed to choose the drive where it will be installed, when i press 2 and choose my drive all i get is: G: has NOT FAT FAT32 or NTFS Format and is not VALID. yes its formatted tried to both FAT 32 and NTFS and i still get this messgae,even tried switching it to Usb Hdd and still nothing... any advice would be nice :)

Guest wrote on [12 August 2011]
I have the same problem , I thought for a while that my USB stick doesn't support booting , till I found a product called flashboot , it is perfect it worked fine with my flash , so seems the solution presented here has some comptability issues with many types of flash drives. but I'm not sure of that also , my proof is that my very same flash drive is now bootable using flashboot

Coolio wrote on [11 August 2011]
Will this work with a SD card? Please reply.

Guest wrote on [11 August 2011]
Please please , I always get this error "has NOT FAT FAT32 or NTFS Format and is NOT Valid" , I tried several USB stick types , I also tried USB harddisk , but nothing is working, I tried all format tools with all types of file system , how can I solve that ?

Peter wrote on [17 August 2011]
I have an asus Eee PC (T101MT) ghtablet/notebook with a corrupted win 7 starter.
I followed your instr except: Advanced tab has no OS Installation? it has: ide config, onboard dev config, and cpu config.
in the boot hard disk drives shows 1-usb: sandisk cruzer 2-HDD.
however boot dev priority shows 1-remov and 2-USB san cruzer, 3-atapi cd rom (none).
under this config there is NO HDD??
when i make san curzer drive 1, it boots to win 7?? or wants to install to usb cruzer?
your help would be appreciated. thanks

Bob wrote on [04 October 2011]
Thanks a lot for your tutorial!! Worked fine except that when entering the setup I hit the dead end by receiving a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Now ATTENTION ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE THIS BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH THING!! I solved it by entering BIOS setup -> Advanced -> IDE Configuration -> SATA Run Mode Configuration: set to Compatible. 

Again thanks for this helpful tutorial and good luck everyone!

Gayan wrote on [15 February 2014]
Thanks Ghita for the tutorial and Bob for the tip to solve the BSOD error.. It works like a charm :)

JG wrote on [14 October 2011]
An absolute perfect to-the-letter guide.

Followed it all with no problem!

Great stuff!

Incidentally I have the White 4G W006 which does have a little removable panel to access the RAM

wdonovan wrote on [15 November 2011]
For those having problems booting to the USB. Mine is eeepc 901 and it had different things in the BIOS than mentioned here. Absolutely would not boot from anything other than HDD, didn't even recognize USB in boot selector (just referred to it as removable media). Go to other boot options and turn off anything that looks like it makes the boot sequence faster, Quick boot, quiet boot, boot booster, stealth boot, throw-this-pos-off-a-bridge boot, anything. Now just keep rebooting for another 3 or 4 more times til you see a second option in the boot menu. Forget about anything in the advanced page. It isn't there. Boot page shows boot sequence and when it is good and ready the USB will finally show up. Then right underneath another option for boot order magically appears. Set the USB as the first device. Now this will get you right up to the missing hal error but you'll be a better person for it. I wonder how much time I am going to waste trying to get through that one before I throw this thing in the toilet where it belongs. Good luck and God speed.

wdonovan wrote on [15 November 2011]
OK Don't publish. I told ppl how to fix what you did not tell them. If I am not polite because I said I would throw my eee pos in the toilet then fine, let your subscribers figure it out themselves.

Owais Siddiqui wrote on [16 December 2011]
Thanks Man! Really Really Helpfull, & The VDO link Helped Alot To Make USB Bootable, i wish i could tell ya how happy i m right, feel like a NINJA, Thanks AGAIN, PEACE! From PAKISTAN! :)

ben wrote on [29 December 2011]
my eee pc starts up properly until after showing the win xp pg then restart after showing an erro msg, i ve no idea on what to do,pls help

ben wrote on [29 December 2011]
my eee pc starts up properly until after showing the win xp pg then restart after showing an erro msg, i ve no idea on what to do,pls help

Run Raksmey wrote on [02 January 2012]
i want to download software web cam for Asus Eee Pc 4G can you introduct to me?

Guest wrote on [08 January 2012]
Thank you very much for the information.
A dead machine became alive via your share :)

Creative Pimp wrote on [16 January 2012]
Excellent many thanks.

Monica wrote on [23 January 2012]
Great tutorial!! Very helpful. Thanks a lot.

james wrote on [07 February 2012]
Ok so now how do i go about putting linux or ubuntu back on it

Guest wrote on [08 February 2012]
searching for xp pro driver for asus t101mt webcam display upside down in xp pro. thanks for help. Peace

Guest wrote on [16 February 2012]
just want to say thanks to all who had input into this very helpful guide..
im a definite newbie when it comes to this side of computers, previously preferring the ease of ebay and internet porn... but my recent curiosity into how these things work and how they can be modified to meet particular needs, without paying someone at the tech shop $$$$, has led me to insightful guides and forums like yours.. much appreciated and well written...

DONALD PRITCHETT wrote on [21 February 2012]
Can you direct me to the proper source for replacing the AC power adapter for my Eee PC Windows XP Edition?

coltrane58 wrote on [26 February 2012]
Well, after figuring out that I needed to create the usb on an XP box instead of a win7 box I successfully built the install usb stick. The installation seemed to work fine. When I rebooted the system I got the problem with the hal.dll error. Glad I was smart enough to create a backup with Acronis. Oh well, time to buy an external dvd drive. argh! Thanks Serban for giving great instructions, it just didn't work in my case.

serban.ghita wrote on [27 February 2012]
@coltrane58 - Thanks

I see a lot of you guys have the hal.dll (Hardware Abstraction Layer) problem. 
Read the 2 solutions at: (scroll at "hal.dll not found")

Also be sure you did the following:

- Use a different USB port
- Delete every partition on the hard drive before formatting and install;
and, for good measure
- Format the drive with NTFS

dvijaydev46 wrote on [27 February 2012]
Check out Sardu. It's a tool to make a multi OS bootable USB drive.You can install Linux, Windows from the same pen drive.

Capt_Planit wrote on [08 March 2012]
To those with the missing hal.dll error: if you used WintoFlash to make your usb boot disk you may be able to start for the 2nd time (and continue installation) by selecting an alternate partition in the menu under >>Debug<

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